The best day of my life

It was an ordinary work day.

Just a day like yesterday or a day before yesterday.

I was sitting at the office drawing up tons of legal documents. The endless routine of paper work.

It was already late in the evening and the sun went down. Through the huge window I could see the central city square covered with white snow.

It was 10 p.m. I was 23 years old. My eyes were extremely tired of typing and reading. I took off my high heeled shoes and rested my head on the table full of papers.

The mobile blinked and the beautiful picture of mediterranean sea appeared on the screen.

That day wasn`t ordinary. That day was the most special day of my entire life.

I decided to live my dream and I did it. Next day I quitted my job and took a one-way ticket to make my dreams come true.

Moving on from all the social stereotypes and patterns is always a hard work.

But once you`ve started you will never regret of it. Living your dreams is great adventure! Lifelong adventure!

I left my career and I work at the hotel for third year already. I met so many different people and had so many curious experiences, I learnt foreign language and travelled to so many amazing places. I made my dreams come true and I keep doing this.

I am the most happy person in the world and now I want to share my story with everyone who wants to change his/her life but afraid of leaving the comfort bubble.

So, let`s get it started.

P.S. – I am not a native english speaker and I beg you not to judge me too harsh for grammar mistakes and etc. 😉

I will be happy to get your comments and messages.


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