Being adult vs. Being yourself

Im 25.

25 isnt really much… is it?

When is it time to become / to feel completely adult? What does it mean to be completely adult?

Im not talking about alcohol, sex, smoking weed or cigarettes and etc…

Im 25. I have my (goddamn!) degree in law. I don’t work as lawyer for few years. I don’t take any financial aid from family. I have a job. I pay my bills,my food, my travel, my shopping… everything.

And I don’t feel I’m ADULT. What does it mean to be an adult?

I love doing crazy things, I love my hakuna matata lifestyle, I love being unattached. I love to live MY life. It is My Life. The only one given to me by God.

Falling in love at first sight? Staying awake all night long? No sleep for few days? Making campfire on the beach? Buying one-way ticket? Smoking shisha all night long? Walking on the empty night streets? Acting on the stage? Wearing awkward costumes and make up? Climbing a mountain? Drinking rum&cola till the sunrise?

That’s me. That’s how I live my life. Am I adult or …?

It is such a strange thing to be adult. Especially here in Russia. If you are married and have kids – yep, you are officially adult even though you still get money from parents. If you are 20-25 years old – you Must get married.

Does getting married and having kids make you adult? Does having a robotic boring job (the one you literally hate) make you adult?

if yes, I don’t wanna be adult. Not now.

I prefer to be young and wild and free.

Freedom is priceless. Freedom of social petterns and stereotypes.

P.S. Just Be Yourself.



7 thoughts on “Being adult vs. Being yourself

  1. That was an amazing write up 😀 ! But according to me (n I’ve got some folks who agree with me) being adult is finally realizing what life is! It’s surviving through the odds without scathing yourself (or your loved ones). Being adult is knowing what your priorities are and being able to independently handle them!!! And you sure seem like an ideal adullt 😉 cheers!
    Ps: plz excuse my spelling mistakes my keypad’s not behaving :/

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  2. Here in the Philippines, being an adult is getting a degree, getting a job, getting married, and having children. Unfortunately, getting a good job here is difficult and not everyone was the opportunity to get a good job. Especially here in Manila, companies look for graduates from the top universities. Early and mid 20s people send their money on traveling and having a good time but very few focus on saving for a family. It is difficult because even if you want to work in a boring job, you still have a lot of competition because there are many people who are willing to work even if they don’t enjoy it. 🙂

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