Hotel & Betrayal

Big city. Modern and stylish hotel. Weekend. Nice and cosy place for…?

That was my first 24-hours work shift as front desk clerk. That was the very beggining of real spring when the weather is sunny but still chilly and the air is satturated with the scent of rain and wet leaves.

The hotels often offer discount rates for weekend “getaways”. These “special prices”, “discounts”, “juicy packages” and etc. attract a lot of guests who come in the evening and stay just for few hours. After first evening booking call my co-worker Kate rolled her eyes and said to me: “Freaking Rabbits` night is getting started”…

The time was about 11 p.m. when a young man entered the hotel and headed to reception desk.

I automatically greeted him and went back to my paper work while my co-worker started check-in procedure. I heard them speaking about documents, available room types and all the boring formalities…

– Can we just make it without passport? I forgot it in the car, – the man asked leaning on the reception desk.

– I`m sorry, but it is forbidden, – Kate answered with excusing smile.

I looked up at the man and all of a sudden the world literally stopped spinning. No. No way. It can`t be him.

– Okay, okay… I`ll get my passaport now… – he muttered and went out.

Few minutes later the man came back followed by woman with a bottle of cheap shitty wine in her hand. He nervously tossed his passport to the reception desk and asked for keys.

The woman looked older than him, a bit drunk, wearing jeans mini-skirt, high heeled boots and leather jacket.

– We need a corkscrew, – he said and looked back at woman chewing her gum and staring at us. She silently nodded and bursted a pink bubble.

They left in one or two hours.

I spent the rest of my shift thinking about betrayals and trust.


The man was a close friend of my family. He is married and has sweet kids.

Life is life.


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