1960’s, 1980’s, 2015 – the same naivety makes me smile

Few years ago my granddad told me a story. 

He was a young man in the 1960’s. Young farmer who worked hard and didn’t see anything but cows, pigs, chickens, endless sunflower and corn fields.  His hands and face were always covered with muck and fuel oil.

There was a day when my granddad and his friend went to Moscow to buy new sorts of  seeds for planting. 

When they went to the market they saw bananas. For the first time in theirs lifes. of course they bought it. Granddad and his friend went to the park, sat on the bench and ate bananas with the peel. 

They had no idea about how to eat it.


There is another story. The story of my aunt.

She was a young lady in the 1980’s when she went to Moscow for the first time in her life. It was winter. Real russian winter. The weather was freezing and everything was covered with the thick snow blanket.

She and her friend went to shopping center. And as they passed into the building they noticed that the doors were still open. “I thought it was too cold outside to leave the doors open…” So they both decided to close the doors. They tried hard to pull and push the doors for few minutes until someone came up to them and told that the door remains open until the doorway is cleared and then it closes automatically with a short delay.


Why did I remember these stories tonight?

Today a young couple came to the hotel. We went though check-in procedure and I led them to the premium room. I opened the door with welcoming gesture and headed back to reception when the girl stopped me with a guestion:

– Do we have to take off our shoes, leave it in the hallway and enter the room barefoot? You have such a beautiful carpet in here…. 



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