Yesterday night I got a message from my collegue “Can I come to you?”

To be honest, I was quite surprised by the message. Not because it was already 1 a.m., but because she isn’t… my friend. I met her less than month ago. I could count the shifts we worked together with the fingers of one hand. 

“XYZ street, 30”, I replied. “Be ready. in 10 minutes I’ll be there”.

I put on jeans, trainers, and pulled my hair in pony-tail. 

“I’m here”. 

I went out and jumped into her dark blue Ford. She wore red lipstick and fake eyelashes, leather mini-skirt and a jacket. What the hell?

– Girl,what’s up? You dressed up – I asked her. 

–  I feel so freaking bad, – she sighed resting her face on the steering wheel, – I cheated on my husband. We’d been together already for two years, – she let out a long breath.

– 2 years with whom?  – I asked. 

– With my love, of course. And I am married to my husband just for 3 years.

 – So you’ve been cheating on your husband for years and just now all of a suddend you felt bad? – I ask her.

– I feel bad because my love broke up with me. He dumped me! I don’t give a shit about my husband, – she muttered.

– Ugh…  Well… – That awkward moment when you can’t say what you really want to say and say what you just can.

– We had a holidays together, we’d been dating for 2 years! – she cried out desperately.

– Do you think he’ll come back? – She stared at me waiting for positive answer, – Do you think so?


No, no… I can’t judge anyone. Just thinking.

And I can’t get the thing: why does the woman stay with a husband if she doesn’t love him, doesn’t respect him, doesn’t appreciate him?….

Why the hell would you cheat on him for years? Why don’t you just leave and stop wasting your time and his time as well?


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