Being lonely

Being lonely is having no plans for weekend.

Being lonely is having one toothbrush in your bathroom.

Being lonely is working hard and working late…coz you have nowhere to go after.

Being lonely is buing small bottle of milk because the big ones always goes sour before you drink it.

Being lonely is earning good money and having nobody to spend it with (on).

Being lonely is texting with strangers via Internet.

Being lonely is having nobody to walk you home when it`s late and dark.

Being lonely is buying flowers for yourself from the old woman on the street corner.

Being lonely is drinking wine on your own and watching old photos.

Being alone is serving one plate, one fork and one glass for dinner.

Being lonely is planing your vacation on your own.

Being lonely is managing a smile when you want to cry.

Being lonely is having so much free time and nobody to share it with.

Being lonely is only a cat waiting for you at home to feed him.

Being lonely is having no missed calls on your phone.

Being lonely is receiving your B-day messages mostly from Banks, Pharmacies and Markets.

Being lonely is people surprized to discover that you aren`t actually snobby and cold-hearted.

Being lonely is going to pharmacy when you have fever, coz you have nobody to ask for help.

Being lonely is having mostly pictures of nature and your work shedules on your gallery.

Being lonely is having no crazy memories to share.

Being lonely is no butterflies in your stomach.

Being lonely is when it`s been ages since you felt someone`s lips on yours.

Being lonely is your pillow wet with tears.

Being lonely is waking up in the middle of the night and staring at the ceiling before the alarm goes off.

Being lonely is feeling so frustraited that you can`t sleep at all.

Being lonely is seeing kissing couples everywhere and everyday.

Being lonely is having nobody to call when you feel bad.

Being lonely is having no hope, no dreams, no belief.

Being lonely is missing the past.


7 thoughts on “Being lonely

  1. Touched the deepest point of my heart….
    Just one point – Being lonely is not managing a smile when u want to cry…rather it means to cry with no one to kiss away your tears…
    !! Awesome lines ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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