Trophies Of The Cheater’s Success

Why does a woman publish tons of private photos with her lover to Facebook and Instagram?

Why does a woman who is currently married share these disgusting pictures and videos with friends and collegues?

Why the hell she openly humiliates her husband?


– I wanna show you something, – she said and winked. She turned on a video on her phone. On the video : she and her lover, her legs wrapped around his body and his hand pressed to her thighs.

– Don’t you think your husband can see it?! You publish that things to Fb?! Your family, your friends can see it! This is too much, really! – my jaw litterally dropped to the floor.

– No, he doesn’t have a fb profile. He works at district court, so it’s forbidden for him to use social networks…. Blaaah blah….Look look, this is him again, dancing with me..

– Why don’t you divorce? Why? You don’t love, don’t even respect him!

– But where will I go? I don’t have a place to go but his apartment. He has good job and salary, and my lover doesn’t even work. And … he didnt ask me to divorce. It is Ok. And my husband trusts me. He will never know.


Yesterday her husband DID it finally. He looked through her photo albums. Found pictires.

Do you think she was upset telling me this? Nope. She litteraly said the following:

– I just made him believe that’s not me on these pictures. I said she is just a girl who looks alike in appearence.


I can never understand this.


2 thoughts on “Trophies Of The Cheater’s Success

  1. She has no shame. And her husband is obviously in denial…
    Not you? Someone just like you, your long lost twin perhaps? Yeah I don’t think so.
    Who believes such an excuse?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, exactly… I guess the man simply allows his wife to cheat on him. How is that possible to be so stupid and blind!?
      They just worth each other…


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