Income and expences

The work shift was boring. We had just few check-ins and -outs and so we finished all the necessary paper work very fast and literally had nothing to do for the rest 14 hours. Yeah, I work 24-hour shifts and sometimes I don`t have a minute to go to toilet or to have my lunch…And sometimes I just do my best to not fall asleep fighting against the heaviness of my eyelids.

The time was about 5 or 6 p/m and all the chiefs and managers had left already. There were just two of us in the small city hotel. Two reception clerks and…about 50 guests.

– I fought with my mum, – my co-worker said to me, slowly applying red lipstick and then pressing her lips together. – She is crazy. She said I spent more than I earn and she wanted to stop giving me money.

– So what did you tell her? – I asked this 24 year old girl sitting next to me and closed my google search results for “freelance job” and “part-time job”.

Yesterday I said to my friend that I  can`t come to her BD-party because of my work… But the true reason was that I have no fucking money for buying good present for her and nice dress and shoes for her fancy party.

Yesterday I said to my teacher that I stop my language course. Just because I have no fucking money to pay for it. And that had ruined my plans (even dreams) about preparing for an exam of turkish as a foreign language.

My feet hurt because of shoes and (yeaah hell!) I have no money to buy another pair. That sucks!

To be completely honest, I cried yesterday. I had never been sooo limited about money. Never in my entire life. I always earned enough to buy everything I wanted to, to buy random presents to my family and friends, to buy shoes I liked, to go to the cafes and go abroad.

I`m 25 and I earn my own money for few years already. I don`t take any financial help from family even now when it feels so shit to have not enough money for living. Instead of it… I just try to find extra opportunity to earn money. Even though it is freaking hard.

So that`s why I cried like a child for few minutes in my room pretending being so busy with sorting out the stuff in my wardrobe.

I don`t like to ask for help.

– I said to her that it is her fault that I spend more than I earn, just because I grew up like this. I always get all that I want. And she doesn`t earn money also, her boyfriend pays her bills and shopping and travelling. So he must pay for my also. I spend my salary during two days, so I need more money…And they must give it to me, – she muttered carefully touching her fake eyelashes with her fake pink nails. Her long black and also fake hair looks like thick glimmering wave.

– Don`t you want to find just another one source of income? You are an adult and your mum doesn`t have to cover your expences anymore… – I started but she cuted my words.

– No,of course she has to! It was always like this since I can remember myself so how can she just stop doing this? – she sighed and added with smile on her sunkissed face:

– So finally, after two days of silence we are the best friends again. I came up to her boyfriend to show him my new manicure and she was so curious to check it out too… so she started to cry and said she is so sorry for beying rude with me… Ah yeah, she sponsored my trip to the Red Sea next week. Ahhh… I can`t wait to go there!




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