1960’s, 1980’s, 2015 – the same naivety makes me smile

Few years ago my granddad told me a story. 

He was a young man in the 1960’s. Young farmer who worked hard and didn’t see anything but cows, pigs, chickens, endless sunflower and corn fields.  His hands and face were always covered with muck and fuel oil.

There was a day when my granddad and his friend went to Moscow to buy new sorts of  seeds for planting. 

When they went to the market they saw bananas. For the first time in theirs lifes. of course they bought it. Granddad and his friend went to the park, sat on the bench and ate bananas with the peel. 

They had no idea about how to eat it.


There is another story. The story of my aunt.

She was a young lady in the 1980’s when she went to Moscow for the first time in her life. It was winter. Real russian winter. The weather was freezing and everything was covered with the thick snow blanket.

She and her friend went to shopping center. And as they passed into the building they noticed that the doors were still open. “I thought it was too cold outside to leave the doors open…” So they both decided to close the doors. They tried hard to pull and push the doors for few minutes until someone came up to them and told that the door remains open until the doorway is cleared and then it closes automatically with a short delay.


Why did I remember these stories tonight?

Today a young couple came to the hotel. We went though check-in procedure and I led them to the premium room. I opened the door with welcoming gesture and headed back to reception when the girl stopped me with a guestion:

– Do we have to take off our shoes, leave it in the hallway and enter the room barefoot? You have such a beautiful carpet in here…. 




Yesterday night I got a message from my collegue “Can I come to you?”

To be honest, I was quite surprised by the message. Not because it was already 1 a.m., but because she isn’t… my friend. I met her less than month ago. I could count the shifts we worked together with the fingers of one hand. 

“XYZ street, 30”, I replied. “Be ready. in 10 minutes I’ll be there”.

I put on jeans, trainers, and pulled my hair in pony-tail. 

“I’m here”. 

I went out and jumped into her dark blue Ford. She wore red lipstick and fake eyelashes, leather mini-skirt and a jacket. What the hell?

– Girl,what’s up? You dressed up – I asked her. 

–  I feel so freaking bad, – she sighed resting her face on the steering wheel, – I cheated on my husband. We’d been together already for two years, – she let out a long breath.

– 2 years with whom?  – I asked. 

– With my love, of course. And I am married to my husband just for 3 years.

 – So you’ve been cheating on your husband for years and just now all of a suddend you felt bad? – I ask her.

– I feel bad because my love broke up with me. He dumped me! I don’t give a shit about my husband, – she muttered.

– Ugh…  Well… – That awkward moment when you can’t say what you really want to say and say what you just can.

– We had a holidays together, we’d been dating for 2 years! – she cried out desperately.

– Do you think he’ll come back? – She stared at me waiting for positive answer, – Do you think so?


No, no… I can’t judge anyone. Just thinking.

And I can’t get the thing: why does the woman stay with a husband if she doesn’t love him, doesn’t respect him, doesn’t appreciate him?….

Why the hell would you cheat on him for years? Why don’t you just leave and stop wasting your time and his time as well?

The Versatile Blogger Award


I’m so honored to have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by Being Me!

Thank you so much, dear Aayusi Biswas, it means the world to me!

And I highly recommend Being Meblog for everyone to check out.

The rules of the nomination are: 1) – to thank the person who nominated you, 2) – to share 7 facts about yourself and 3) – to nominate another 15 (I do less) blogs for the Versalite Blogger Award.

         So here we go! 7 facts about me: 

1. I fluently speak 3 languages: russian, english, turkish. I studied also german and polish.

 2. I’m 99% vegetarian. I love vegetables, olives and cheese!

 3. My dream is to travel around the world with someone who shares my dreams and crazy ideas.

 4. I am couchsurfing host. 

 5. I am 100% coffeholic! Addicted! Especially, I love amazing smell and taste of original turkish coffee (türk kahvesi) served in traditional small cups. 

6. I’d love to be a student again, but I can’t afford it because my salary is low. 

7. Last year I fell in love with at first sight and travelled abroad just to see Him again. Changed 4 flights, argued with police at the airport and cried myself to sleep on the way back home. I have never seen that man again.

      Here’s my nominations for the Versatile Blogger Award:

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Life in Arcadia

Sincerely, Nyurah.

Hotel & Betrayal

Big city. Modern and stylish hotel. Weekend. Nice and cosy place for…?

That was my first 24-hours work shift as front desk clerk. That was the very beggining of real spring when the weather is sunny but still chilly and the air is satturated with the scent of rain and wet leaves.

The hotels often offer discount rates for weekend “getaways”. These “special prices”, “discounts”, “juicy packages” and etc. attract a lot of guests who come in the evening and stay just for few hours. After first evening booking call my co-worker Kate rolled her eyes and said to me: “Freaking Rabbits` night is getting started”…

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Being adult vs. Being yourself

Im 25.

25 isnt really much… is it?

When is it time to become / to feel completely adult? What does it mean to be completely adult?

Im not talking about alcohol, sex, smoking weed or cigarettes and etc…

Im 25. I have my (goddamn!) degree in law. I don’t work as lawyer for few years. I don’t take any financial aid from family. I have a job. I pay my bills,my food, my travel, my shopping… everything.

And I don’t feel I’m ADULT. What does it mean to be an adult?

I love doing crazy things, I love my hakuna matata lifestyle, I love being unattached. I love to live MY life. It is My Life. The only one given to me by God.

Falling in love at first sight? Staying awake all night long? No sleep for few days? Making campfire on the beach? Buying one-way ticket? Smoking shisha all night long? Walking on the empty night streets? Acting on the stage? Wearing awkward costumes and make up? Climbing a mountain? Drinking rum&cola till the sunrise?

That’s me. That’s how I live my life. Am I adult or …?

It is such a strange thing to be adult. Especially here in Russia. If you are married and have kids – yep, you are officially adult even though you still get money from parents. If you are 20-25 years old – you Must get married.

Does getting married and having kids make you adult? Does having a robotic boring job (the one you literally hate) make you adult?

if yes, I don’t wanna be adult. Not now.

I prefer to be young and wild and free.

Freedom is priceless. Freedom of social petterns and stereotypes.

P.S. Just Be Yourself.


My nomination for Liebster Award!

  What a great day!


I`ve been nominated for my first ever Liebster Award by Travelling To Recovery 


Thank you so much dear Travelling To Recovery for nomination!

I appreciate your kindness very much!

These are the Rules:
* Each nominee must have under 200 followers

* Thank and link to the nominating blog
* Answer their 10 questions and propose 10 new ones for your nominees
* Nominate 10 blogs and tell them that they’ve been nominated
* Write a post containing the questions
* Include these rules in the post

So it`s time to answer the questions posed to me by Travelling To Recovery 

1. How are you today?

I`m on the seventh heaven! Just because I`m alive! I`m safe and sound.

2. How would you describe your blog in one word?


3. What’s the biggest regret that you have, and don’t mind sharing?

I regret wasting a lot of time at university studying tons of things I never practice or work with.

4. What are you most proud of?

I proud of my family and friends who love me in spite of all the crazy things I have done.

5. What’s your favourite past-time?

Reading, cooking, painting, learning languages, partying!

6. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

I would choose Istanbul for sure! The city of amazing architecture, harbours and ferries, beautiful mosques, castles, delicious food and nice people. And I`d love to take all my family with me:)

7. What’s your favourite childhood memory?

I was 12 or so when me and my cousin (who was 14) got a bottle of red wine as a present from a boy who tried then to hook up with her.

We were staying at our grannys` home that night and we secretly drunk some wine when everyone was asleep. We couldn`t drink the whole bottle of course and we decided to dig the rest in the big basket full of old socks. Our granny was used to collect and needle them from time to time.

Next morning we woke up to the sound of our granny yelling at granddad for secretly drinking wine and hiding the bottle in the socks.

Granddad probably thought he could dig the bottle in the basket earlier and now he wasn`t sure if it wasn`t his bottle and just admitted his guilt (also it was the fastest way to stop grandma).

We were lying in bed and laughing even though we felt really sorry and guilty for granddad. But of course we didn`t confess.

8. What is your favourite food?

Cheese, eggplants, chocolate and olives!

9. As a new president, what would be your first action?

I would work hard on visa simplification and deregulation.

10. What do you like most about yourself?

I like my ability to dream and make my dreams come true.

I nominate:

My questions to the nominees are:

1.Which three people (living or not) would you invite to dinner? Why?

2. What is your favourite book?

3. If you could stay a certain age forever, what age would that be? And why?

4. Share your favorite quote.

5. What is the most crazy thing you’ve done?

6. Have you ever fell in love at first sight?

7. Where is the most beautiful place you have ever been to?

8. Do you now or have you ever had a nickname?

9. Which languages do you speak?

10. What is your dream?

Sincerelly, Nyurah 😉


The 1st day

The plane landed at 5 o’clock in the morning.

My luggage was extremelly small: I had just few t-shirts, couple of jeans, my favourite pajama, one flip-flops and trainers in it.

The idea of no highheels, no black dress skirts and  no white shirts anymore made me feel so happy that I couldn’t help but smile to myself. I was all in a flutter.

I guess I have never been travelling with such a small luggage, but this journey was completely different.  This journey was kind of escaping of my usual way of doing things. Even concerning to my usual way of packing my stuff.

The rum I bought in duty free shop happily gurgled in the bottle hidden inside of my handbag while I was walking through the empty terminal searching for the exit.

As I stepped outside I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder. I saw the tall young man with warm smile on his face. That man was my chief.

His curled black hair with tons of hair gel looked plastic and funny, but as he seemed to be proud of his style I didn’t dare to make a joke of it.

He hugged me as if he was my old friend and I felt absolutely relieved.

– Hey, welcome to Turkey, girl! – he said with welcoming gesture.

It took about a hour to get to my new home and my new job.

I was excited to see my room and meet all my flatmates who also supposed to be my collegues. My friends. My family as well.

My new life has begun.

The best day of my life

It was an ordinary work day.

Just a day like yesterday or a day before yesterday.

I was sitting at the office drawing up tons of legal documents. The endless routine of paper work.

It was already late in the evening and the sun went down. Through the huge window I could see the central city square covered with white snow.

It was 10 p.m. I was 23 years old. My eyes were extremely tired of typing and reading. I took off my high heeled shoes and rested my head on the table full of papers.

The mobile blinked and the beautiful picture of mediterranean sea appeared on the screen.

That day wasn`t ordinary. That day was the most special day of my entire life.

I decided to live my dream and I did it. Next day I quitted my job and took a one-way ticket to make my dreams come true.

Moving on from all the social stereotypes and patterns is always a hard work.

But once you`ve started you will never regret of it. Living your dreams is great adventure! Lifelong adventure!

I left my career and I work at the hotel for third year already. I met so many different people and had so many curious experiences, I learnt foreign language and travelled to so many amazing places. I made my dreams come true and I keep doing this.

I am the most happy person in the world and now I want to share my story with everyone who wants to change his/her life but afraid of leaving the comfort bubble.

So, let`s get it started.

P.S. – I am not a native english speaker and I beg you not to judge me too harsh for grammar mistakes and etc. 😉

I will be happy to get your comments and messages.