Stepmother and her adopted child

My sister sent me a message “Just check this out” and sent  me a link. We always send to each other hilarious internet jokes, pictures and posts. But this message was different.

I opened the link and it took me to facebook profile of a young girl. There were tons of her selfies. Literally, tons. She has long curled hair, applies showy make-up, wears sexy dresses, highheeled shoes, looks pretty bitchy but beautiful.

“Ok, sis, so who the hell is that chick?”

“She… He is Alex.”

Whaaaat?! Alex? I haven’t seen this little boy for few years already… He was 12 or 13 then.

Our family friends adopted him and his brother when they were kids. They were living in a small village. The Real village where people wake up at 4 a.m. and go to their farms, feed cows, horses, chickens and etc… And then spend the whole day gardening, planting, watering…. And then again go back to the farm. The real village where women wear scarfs, long skirts, flat shoes and no makeup. The Real village where rural customs still obtain.

I remember that little boy playing with cats and dreaming to become a pet doctor one day. I remember him hugging his stepmother and telling her she is the best. I remember her red chicks and eyes full of happiness.

Few months ago I accidently met her at the friends house. She had some wine, tried hard to smile and relax, but I noticed that she was completely lost and frustrated.

She took some more wine and poured like a rain her misery out. 

Her lovely son didn’t visit them anymore. Sometime he called and asked for money  crying that he has no money to come home and see her. When she sent money to him he just didn’t come. Just switched off his phone until the next “mommysendmemoney” call. He was already 17 then. He got a full-scholarship from the government and moved to the big city for studying at the college.

One day he came to the village. Hw came With his boyfriend. Can you imagine the shock of these poor village people?

Maybe they were even paralyzed for a while. I can even imagine the black-and-white cows stop chewing the green green grass and staring at the drama scene.

All the rural mentality of his family was completely crushed. 

– “He was nice…” – she said weeping-ripe, – “his boyfriend was nice. And they looked happy and I thought to myself “okay… he is my lovely son, I want him to be happy… It ishischoice, his life. I just want him to visit me, to call me.”.

To be honest, it was a deed of a hero. It was very very very hard for her to admit that her son was a gay. 

It was unbelievebly hard to get this, to admit this, to dont give a fuck about what the neighbours will gossip…. For her who was born and grew up in these super rural customs.

So she cried. She was happy he came back.


He left the city with his new transexual friend. He took all the money his stepmother had saved for him. He wasted everyfucking cent and called her asking to sent him some money to buy a ticket to come back home.

She said : “Tell me where are you and I will buy a ticket for you”

He said: “Fuck off with your goddamned help”.



Income and expences

The work shift was boring. We had just few check-ins and -outs and so we finished all the necessary paper work very fast and literally had nothing to do for the rest 14 hours. Yeah, I work 24-hour shifts and sometimes I don`t have a minute to go to toilet or to have my lunch…And sometimes I just do my best to not fall asleep fighting against the heaviness of my eyelids.

The time was about 5 or 6 p/m and all the chiefs and managers had left already. There were just two of us in the small city hotel. Two reception clerks and…about 50 guests.

– I fought with my mum, – my co-worker said to me, slowly applying red lipstick and then pressing her lips together. – She is crazy. She said I spent more than I earn and she wanted to stop giving me money.Read More »

Have you ever missed your “ex-job”?

Few days ago I`ve read a stupid joke: “When a workaholic gets drunk he texts his ex-employers”.

Could be fun.

But I did the same. And I wasn`t even drunk. That annoyes me. No. That pisses me off.

I texted to my ex-boss that I miss the job.

Why the hell do I do this…?

When The Sun Goes Down

The sunset is a daily disappearance of the sun below the horizon. The Setting of the sun. In Russian we also use this word – Setting.

Turkish people say “güneş batar” which means that the sun goes under….Under the water. The sun dives into the sea.

What a great metaphor. Isn’t it?

Hotel & Betrayal

Big city. Modern and stylish hotel. Weekend. Nice and cosy place for…?

That was my first 24-hours work shift as front desk clerk. That was the very beggining of real spring when the weather is sunny but still chilly and the air is satturated with the scent of rain and wet leaves.

The hotels often offer discount rates for weekend “getaways”. These “special prices”, “discounts”, “juicy packages” and etc. attract a lot of guests who come in the evening and stay just for few hours. After first evening booking call my co-worker Kate rolled her eyes and said to me: “Freaking Rabbits` night is getting started”…

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